Thursday, August 19, 2010

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Its so hard to say goodbye...

More proof that nobody buys physical copies of music anymore-The legendary record store FAT BEATS is shuttering its remaining stores...meanwhile, Apple/Itunes CEO Steve Jobs is eating lobster and shrimp somewhere...


sour diesel up top, og kush down below...really cant go wrong with either one...which do youuuu prefer??? either way, twist up and enjoy the rest of the blog homie...

This is a preview of what fall 2010 sounds like

Some leakage from the "Composition Genesis" the link...and dont be afraid to download-its free (and I promise it wont fuck your computer up)-----> CURE-Real Talk Freestyle

Cure-Real Talk Freestyle by curehiphop

feeling blue?

Air max 24/7...dope shoe to add to the collection

"what you call money, I pay more in taxes"

Sean Carter tops the list of richest people in hip-hop. Big the link to see how much he made as well as the other rappers trying to keep up...(nobody's really even close) RICH NIGGA SHIT

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Sneakerheads will bow......

swag so stupid, its retarded shawty

I know most of you have seen or heard this by now, but its too hilarious to not be on my site...enjoy.

This nigga wanna live my life....

Just as I leave footlocker for bigger and better things, they put this movie out...maybe its a sign of things to come?? Maybe Bow Wow will stop rapping and I can get his fanbase...I may just go see this, since I refuse to listen to any of his raps (just sayin)

Monday, August 16, 2010

Straight Comedy

I happen to enjoy watching people make complete idiots of themselves...and this guy looks like some dude I went to college with. Shoutouts to all the alcoholics!!! (not really)

Something to look forward to...

I know all my sneakerheads already got their money put aside for these...

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