C.U.R.E. Lyrics

*phone rings* 
(lil young shawty trapstar)-this nigga better pick up the phone mane, im tired of this shit mane, shawty need to pick up the phone dog, i need these verses mane, namtalmbout?? 

(lil young shawty trapstar)-hey wassup dog this C.U.R.E.? 
(C.U.R.E.)yeah yeah this me 
(lil young shawty trapstar) hey whats goin on mane? my name is lil young shawty mane, lil young shawty trapstar mane...you know i got my album comin out dog, and im always in the trap, i aint got no time to be writin no verses 
dog, so what i need for u to do is, write me a couple verses mane, i heard you was that dude mane... 
i need a track man, look, ima email u this beat mane, and i need u to go in on it mane...im talkin bout im talmbout i need u to go in like bow bow bow all that shawty, somethin for the trapstars, somethin to keep the club crunk mane, namtalmbout?? 
(C.U.R.E.) i got u 
(Lil young shawty trapstar)fa sho dog lets get it 
(C.U.R.E.)no doubt 

I write my rhymes in the kitchen, thats cookin up 
im the illest nigga spittin, each verse im whippin up 
bout to have a bake sale got them verses for the low 
i know u trappers need em, jus let a nigga know 

i never chopped no rocks or sold no cocaine/ 
they nicknamed me lava cuz i always flow flames/ 
i couldnt tell you why these niggas is so lame/ 
niggas try to step up in the league with no game/ 
however im a superior competitor/ 
never the nigga to let somebody get the better of/ 
me-im just a lyrical murderer eatin rappers like cheerios/ 
this beat is like the milk on my cereal spree.../ 
these other rappers just cant seem to compare to the/ 
way that i get the crowd hype and cause a hysteria/ 
u scared of the movement, u niggas talkin we doin/ 
we over here winnin, you over there losin/ 
and my squad up in this bitch, deep as a mufucka 
nintendo ass niggas chasin ducks...duck hunters/ 
bad bitches chase us we dont chase hoes 
they run to us and drop it low, what u think this bass is fo'? 

I write my rhymes in the kitchen, thats cookin up 
im the illest nigga spittin, each verse im whippin up 
bout to have a bake sale got them verses for the low 
i know u trappers need em, jus let a nigga know 

verse 2 
sellin verses off the iphone 
my squad run thru ya city like a cyclone 
and we been to every timezone 
smoked so much weed i think my fuckin minds blown 
but i keep comin up with these rhymes tho, 
this that 'keep ya finger on the rewind' flow 
i aint hatin on nobody get it how u get it/ 
all im sayin is, talk it how ya live it/ 
real recognize real and i dont feel many/ 
fool i run the point from the paint like penny/ 
before his injury, when he played for the magic 
my older brother had the penny twos those was a classic 
and on this beat im fantastic 
women fans lookin at me like, "damn he the baddest" 
i date a model and a actress 
and i got ur girl upstairs sittin on the mattress 

I write my rhymes in the kitchen, thats cookin up 
im the illest nigga spittin, each verse im whippin up 
bout to have a bake sale got them verses for the low 
i know u trappers need em, jus let a nigga know 

once again im in the buildin 
beastin every track im like a man amongst children 
flows in all varieties, lyrics in abundance 
witty punchlines and just the right amount of substance 
you rap niggas lack somethin, yall lunchin 
i do this too easy one take no punch-in 
dont let me catch u niggas slippin 
cuz we'll start a war up in this bitch like the egyptians 
black umbrella up in here, you niggas just in the way 
you niggas wont ever go the places that we been today 
please tell me something different 
you aint gotta gas me up, my flows too efficient 
and im on a mission to eliminate the whack shit 
your flow does not make sense like a anorexic fat chick 
i was gettin brain, from your girl in your car 
nutted in her mouth and put the footage on worldstar.... 

I write my rhymes in the kitchen, thats cookin up 
im the illest nigga spittin, each verse im whippin up 
bout to have a bake sale got them verses for the low 
i know u trappers need em, jus let a nigga know 
Luxury Livin'
I just landed in Miami whats poppin tonight???
Might just blow a couple grand goin shoppin tonight
lifestyle of luxury, this verse is just a summary
shorty fuck wit me, she sees im livin comfortably
black jordan 6's with purple and yellow stitches
chronic rolled in the swishers, bare witness to how we live it
5 star hotel suites, fuck you gon tell me?
i be half baked like dave chappelle be, ya smell me?
white folks starin, the loud smell is apparent
bad shorty wit me, we just cruisin through the city
i let her drive- i just twist the trees, no sticks or seeds
peep the flow i switch the speed, trust me im a different breed
you niggas basic i can see the hate on all your faces
mama we made it with no help from satan or the masons
G-status in foreign places wit dimes fornicatin
this was written. i was born to make it. C.U.R.E.


2nd verse

stop it, drop it, i got this
keys like a janitor i locked it
i make whack rappers pack their lyrics up in boxes
toxic, yeah im the cure, but you cannot say im not sick
a beast on beats this industry's my feast
i wont stop until im too fat to sit in my seat
after that, stop the beat- good grief
no relief. for whack mc's i got beef
i aint fuckin wit none of yall
fact is im sooooo far ahead in front of yall
you niggas out ya lane like a gutterball
my pockets all fat like a butterball
i remember when my niggas hustled in coveralls
when i get rich i promise, ima take a summer off
cuz ima teacher to the niggas on their grind
with money on their mind, cuz their runnin outta time
Im the illest nigga spittin from my generation
them other niggas is still open cases
case closed, sneakerhead so you know a nigga lace flows
dont bring ya girl around, my squad is known to take those
you niggas in the club dancin like FaBo
we in business meetings calculatin payroll
all a nigga do is lay low
and count stacks, write rhymes and bounce back...
nigga what u know about that? C.U.R.E

(first verse) I think deeply but you'll never catch me meditatin im too busy makin preparations cuz on the bible timeline we're in revelations i aint scared, i know heavens waitin the people need medication and the kids need education rich and poor is like the new age segregation i hope my words are penetratin i smoke weed heavy, but i only drink in moderation the devil's always got a bottle waitin alotta pride and alotta patience alotta handshakes and lots of faces music writes itself i aint gotta make it music's in my veins i aint gotta fake it self made, self nominated stepped in the game and dominated if u dont love it then u gotta hate it black umbrella business all black owned and operated we got the whole world populated (hook) mind on a million, engine on redline i dont ever sleep, i aint got no bedtime so far ahead, niggas cant catch mine black umbrella business, nigga check the headline all i do is give the people what the ask fo' and in return black umbrella get the cash flow i'll be the one you put the blame on black umbrella, get under or get reigned on (second verse) im more concerned about that black umbrella business gettin to the money C the Genius as my witness ABM count them digits, C.U.R.E. the sickest your reign on top was short like midgets, get this might be a stupid question that im askin but why you wearin tight jeans if u gon' sag em? and i swear im done rappin bout fashion just call me the whack rapper assassin who signed em? i guess i should remind em that your soul is worth more than just diamonds do your homework, heres your next assignment rap without talkin about your swag in every line then learn to switch flow speeds, listen closely my flow is courtside, you niggas in the nosebleeds no cosign needed, i breathe it google search the lyrics if you feel you need to read it uh, i can tell that they been confused im cocky on the mic, and humble in interviews and you might even hear me sing on the interlude but i'll still eat ya favorite rapper like dinner food uh, just turn me up in my headphones i'll put ya favorite rappers hottest line on his headstone im killin the game, i aint feelin these lames these niggas aint hot they ought to be ashamed everybody else is imitatin t-pain i voted for barack but i still aint seen change i just want the money i aint worried bout the fame its not a gang, but Black Umbrella's what i claim
you was busy tryna convince the world that you was gangsta/ we bout to take over the world like jewish bankers/ and im bout to raise the interest rates/ im snatchin meals right up off of niggas dinner plates/ uh....like, nigga what u gonna do? what'll make it worse is when i eat it right in front of you then i'll watch you starve, you in trouble now/ you aint got no bread like a kfc double down/ we get bread on top of cheese, thats a money sandwich you niggas wouldnt get the picture with a hundred cameras/ cee countin money, ant makin business calls/ tell that nigga call my lawyer cuz im killin yall/ i aint hatin im just really not feelin yall/ you niggas brokeback...jake gyllenhaal niggas aint stickin to the script so the tip of my .... is stickin to your girl lip im nasty for a reason cuz i feel like its the season to give you whack rappers a lyrical ass beatin/ im wide awake workin while everyone else is sleepin/ but my eyes' kinda low...this haze i been cheifin/ i call that higher learning, nigga fuck college/ ima sponge nigga, i soak up knowledge/ this is G shit...what ya know bout it?/ im no scholar but GOTDAMN my flow's polished/ i guarantee i spazz out on any track/ chillin like a mack, sippin henny black/ i know they want me stressed, but im so relaxed/ they like, "damn that nigga cure's just the coldest cat" u know it jack, black umbrella we on/ bring it back, touchdown, primetime- deion/ got your girl ass up and face down/ u suspect like R. Kelly at a playground/ i call this the artshow flow, so------ -phisticated, broke niggas hate it/ cuz im their girl's new favorite im all on her Ipod playlist, i say that to say this next year i'll be in every magazine's pages lookin fly takin pictures while im faded/ smellin like that good kush fragrance/ my arrogance is so blatant, my heart is so vacant/ i have no patience, no time wasted they cant think on my level, their mind is basic im in the public eye and still feel blind hatred but dont cry for me mama i'll make it word to this blunt that im smokin on u niggas ashy as fuck go put some lotion on number 9 is the cloud that im floatin on/ im the one the whole rap game's hope is on dont quote me wrong, but if i said it i meant it i gives a fuck if you're offended, this is instant vintage you was on twitter, i was in the trenches my flows crazy, yours is just senseless yall cant see me, no witness credit cards like master p nigga no limits charge it to the game baby, no scrimmage no hook on this track, all spittage you the cashier, im the boss wit it first task on the job is silence all critics i give em all lyrics, no gimmicks im so trill, this is no image or facade or a character givin yall my life story, im the narrator makin niggas get on their jobs like im the manager u remind me of a photoshoot w/no camera....(niggas just posin)