Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Ms. Jamz...


Lupe Fiasco is by far one of my favorite artists to date. His lyrics, his style, his beats and stories are all refreshing in today’s hip-hop game. From all his mixtapes to his actual albums he is just amazing to me. He could very well be the resurrection of Hip Hop…and I dare you to challenge me…

But what really has me excited is his new album Lasers set to come out March 8 2011… Why? Plain and simple, his first 2 singles off the album are FIRE point blank! “Show Goes On” is reminiscent of “Superstar” ft Matthew Santos, both lyrically and rhythmically. And “Words I Never Said” is really similar lyrically to many of the songs on The Cool (his second album). The Cool was an album chock full of disdain at the status quo and I loved it. If Lasers is going to be similar to his second album, or even his Enemy of the State: A Love Story mixtape… I’m sure to be bumping this album for a straight month.

Not to mention this album is surrounded with controversy. He originally wanted to drop a third album and retire but Atlantic Records wouldn’t let him contractually. Honestly I’m glad! Normally I’m not all about record labels trying to control artists and keep them in boxes but this time I gotta hand it to Atlantic. They made a good move. Yea I may be biased but I like to hear good music and I would be let down as both a fan and supporter if Lupe ended his career after just 3 albums. With the amount of creativity he has, there’s no way in hell he should be done after 3 albums. That would be like Jay Z or Nas only putting out 3 albums and fading off. NOT GONNA HAPPEN.  What if Jay Z stopped after Hard Knock Life… we would have never seen a Blue Print, Black Album or Blue Print 3…

So although I’m all for the decisions Lupe makes, I’d be hard pressed to find a fan of his that would be ok with him bowing out after 3 albums. That being said, I’ll be copping 2 copies of Lasers just because!


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  1. March 8th Be there!! lol well I figure you'd be the first in line. i love Lupe's music to death but I have to be honest and say sometimes I feel like he is trying to hard to build this persona of positivity and consciousness instead of just being positive and conscious. (If that makes sense)What I mean is I feel that he was more conscious on his first album than his second because he wasn't trying to preach to people about opening their eyes he just made eye opening music. I hope that Lasers isn't so political that us listeners forget just how talented of a rapper Lupe really is. fnf up