Monday, May 16, 2011

C.U.R.E. Artshow Flow w/lyrics

you was busy tryna convince the world that you was gangsta/
we bout to take over the world like jewish bankers/
and im bout to raise the interest rates/
im snatchin meals right up off of niggas dinner plates/, nigga what u gonna do?
what'll make it worse is when i eat it right in front of you
then i'll watch you starve, you in trouble now/
you aint got no bread like a kfc double down/
we get bread on top of cheese, thats a money sandwich
you niggas wouldnt get the picture with a hundred cameras/
cee countin money, ant makin business calls/
tell that nigga call my lawyer cuz im killin yall/
i aint hatin im just really not feelin yall/
you niggas brokeback...jake gyllenhaal
niggas aint stickin to the script
so the tip of my .... is stickin to your girl lip
im nasty for a reason cuz i feel like its the season
to give you whack rappers a lyrical ass beatin/
im wide awake workin while everyone else is sleepin/
but my eyes' kinda low...this haze i been cheifin/
i call that higher learning, nigga fuck college/
ima sponge nigga, i soak up knowledge/
this is G shit...what ya know bout it?/
im no scholar but GOTDAMN my flow's polished/
i guarantee i spazz out on any track/
chillin like a mack, sippin henny black/
i know they want me stressed, but im so relaxed/
they like, "damn that nigga cure's just the coldest cat"
u know it jack, black umbrella we on/
bring it back, touchdown, primetime- deion/
got your girl ass up and face down/
u suspect like R. Kelly at a playground/
i call this the artshow flow, so------
-phisticated, broke niggas hate it/
cuz im their girl's new favorite
im all on her Ipod playlist, i say that to say this
next year i'll be in every magazine's pages
lookin fly takin pictures while im faded/
smellin like that good kush fragrance/
my arrogance is so blatant, my heart is so vacant/
i have no patience, no time wasted
they cant think on my level, their mind is basic
im in the public eye and still feel blind hatred
but dont cry for me mama i'll make it
word to this blunt that im smokin on
u niggas ashy as fuck go put some lotion on
number 9 is the cloud that im floatin on/
im the one the whole rap game's hope is on
dont quote me wrong, but if i said it i meant it
i gives a fuck if you're offended, this is instant vintage
you was on twitter, i was in the trenches
my flows crazy, yours is just senseless
yall cant see me, no witness
credit cards like master p nigga no limits
charge it to the game baby, no scrimmage
no hook on this track, all spittage
you the cashier, im the boss wit it
first task on the job is silence all critics
i give em all lyrics, no gimmicks
im so trill, this is no image
or facade or a character
givin yall my life story, im the narrator
makin niggas get on their jobs like im the manager
u remind me of a photoshoot w/no camera....(niggas just posin)

released 11 May 2011
produced by ID Labs, written and performed by C.U.R.E.

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