Friday, May 6, 2011

(New Music)- C.U.R.E. - Luxury Livin


I just landed in Miami whats poppin tonight???
Might just blow a couple grand goin shoppin tonight
lifestyle of luxury, this verse is just a summary
shorty fuck wit me, she sees im livin comfortably
black jordan 6's with purple and yellow stitches
chronic rolled in the swishers, bare witness to how we live it
5 star hotel suites, fuck you gon tell me?
i be half baked like dave chappelle be, ya smell me?
white folks starin, the loud smell is apparent
bad shorty wit me, we just cruisin through the city
i let her drive- i just twist the trees, no sticks or seeds
peep the flow i switch the speed, trust me im a different breed
you niggas basic i can see the hate on all your faces
mama we made it with no help from satan or the masons
G-status in foreign places wit dimes fornicatin
this was written. i was born to make it. C.U.R.E.


2nd verse

stop it, drop it, i got this
keys like a janitor i locked it
i make whack rappers pack their lyrics up in boxes
toxic, yeah im the cure, but you cannot say im not sick
a beast on beats this industry's my feast
i wont stop until im too fat to sit in my seat
after that, stop the beat- good grief
no relief. for whack mc's i got beef
i aint fuckin wit none of yall
fact is im sooooo far ahead in front of yall
you niggas out ya lane like a gutterball
my pockets all fat like a butterball
i remember when my niggas hustled in coveralls
when i get rich i promise, ima take a summer off
cuz ima teacher to the niggas on their grind
with money on their mind, cuz their runnin outta time
Im the illest nigga spittin from my generation
them other niggas is still open cases
case closed, sneakerhead so you know a nigga lace flows
dont bring ya girl around, my squad is known to take those
you niggas in the club dancin like FaBo
we in business meetings calculatin payroll
all a nigga do is lay low
and count stacks, write rhymes and bounce back...
nigga what u know about that? C.U.R.E
all rights reserved

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